Wheelie bad Inner City crime

‘Lock up your bike’ is the latest advice from police in the Brisbane City and Fortitude Valley Crime Prevention Unit. 

The unit is warning owners to store their bikes safely and securely as thieves are targeting the Central Brisbane and Fortitude Valley areas. 

Over recent weeks, bikes have been stolen from King Street in Bowen Hills, Evelyn Street in Newstead and Welsby Street in New Farm   

Thieves are targeting medium to high-end race bikes, mountain bikes and e-bikes 

In some cases, the thefts occurred as bicycles were not appropriately secured or locked away, which made it easy for thieves to ride off with their bounty. 

Police are recommending that bicycle owners take appropriate measures to secure their bicycles at all times by using a quality lock and chain, and closing and locking garage doors or storage areas. 

Photographing the bike and its serial numbers is another security measure police are encouraging. 

Additionally, police are strongly encouraging bicycle owners to record and register their bicycles serial number using the West End Serial Hub