New hub opens to care for carers

Ivan Frkovic, Queensland Mental Health Commission; Ailsa Whitehead, Founding Member of Arafmi; Irene Clelland, Arafmi CEO

By Steph Maker

When Teneriffe-based support service provider Arafmi’s study of 250 carers found nearly three quarters felt invisible, and nearly ninety percent felt tired, stressed, and sad, they set about finding a way to support those providing vital assistance.

The Arafmi Carer Hub is one part of their strategy.

The Hub, at 24 Chermside Street, is open to any one who cares for an individual with mental illness, and needs support or a break from the pressures of being a carer.

As well as being a safe space to share stories, find counsel, or one-on-one support, the Hub will host education groups, carer coach workshops, morning teas, movie nights, and carer meet-up sessions.

The launch of the Carer Hub coincided with the start of Arafmi’s Becoming Visible campaign.

Arafmi CEO Irene Clelland said the campaign is designed to ensure carers know they’re not alone.

“We are calling all carers to become visible, make a statement about the value of your voice, and your right to have your experience acknowledged, seen, and heard,” she said.

To learn more, contact Arafmi on 3254 1881, or share your story under #becomingvisible on Arafmi’s Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn page.