Navigating challenging times

“The outbreak of COVID-19 presents a challenge the likes of which we have not faced for generations,” says Anthony Davis, Managing Director of Davis Accounting & Wealth Management located on James Street.

“However, we should also take the time to reflect upon the advancements in medicine that have changed the world over the past century. The development of antibiotics and penicillin, advancements in heart surgery and cardiac care, radiologic imaging and organ transplant technology, to name just a few, have greatly extended life expectancies, even for those with chronic disease.”

Davis Accounting & Wealth Management was established in 1984 and has grown to become one of Brisbane’s leading Multi-Family Offices. One of the benefits of a firm having such a long history is that they have deep experience guiding clients through turbulent times.

“The 1987 stock market crash, the ‘recession we had to have’, the tech bubble, 9/11 and the GFC, through all of these storms we have been our clients’ trusted advisor. We have worked to develop a clear plan and strategy for their families and businesses to ensure they survive the storm and thrive once it has passed.”

With the COVID-19 outbreak upon us, the Federal Government and State Governments have announced, and continue to announce, measures to support Australians and Australian businesses through these challenging times.

The Reserve Bank of Australia has also indicated that they stand ready to implement sufficient measures to ensure that the financial system continues to function.

“On top of the government measures, Australian banks have also announced that they will assist impacted customers,” Anthony says.

“The type of assistance offered will depend upon individual circumstances but may include deferrals of scheduled loan repayments, waiving fees and charges, interest free periods, no interest rate increases and options to consolidate debt in order to make repayments more manageable.”

Davis Accounting & Wealth Management delivers a unique highly personalised service offering, encouraging clients to discuss their individual situation and plans prior to making decisions.

“Our clients know that they can always pick up the phone and speak directly with our local team. We pride ourselves on providing bespoke care and attention to each client’s individual circumstances, ensuring that we deliver the best outcome each and every time.”

“If you have, or your business has, been impacted by the outbreak of COVID-19 and require support and guidance to navigate through all the options, please reach out to us for help.”

“As we face the challenge of this uncertain time, we must look beyond ourselves and support each other and the broader community. By acting with courage and respect we will ensure that we emerge from these challenges to realise a stronger future together.”