Hospitality turns to takeaway

It’s tricky to transform a trendy bar into a takeaway operation, especially when it needs to be done almost overnight.  

But, it’s a task the staff at Streetcorner Jimmy on Vernon Terrace in Teneriffe have risen to.  

The team have quickly spun their business model away from serving their regulars in-house to treating them to something to take home. 

Venue and Bar Manager Ryan Northey said it has been a fun project. 

“The whole premise of what we base our bar on – come in, chill out, have a drink – can’t exist anymore, at this point in time,” Mr Northey said. 

“I’d say the biggest challenge for us is getting this awesome little bar in Teneriffe and packing it into people’s homes.” 

Mr Northey said the Covid-19 amendments to Queensland’s liquor licencing laws have been a significant relief. 

Arty Robertson & Josh Inch from Zero Fox

“That change for us to be able to do takeaway alcohol was easily a saving grace, it’s a phenomenal little thing the government threw out to us,” he said 

The other factor keeping morale high is the support they’ve received from Teneriffe locals.  

“Teneriffe is probably the best area to be dealing with this in, everyone is so supportive and there’s a big local atmosphere, where even if people don’t have the money to spend on the food or the drink, they’re still stopping by for a chat to see how we’re going.”