From the desk of: Mother Nature

By Beth Leach

I feel like Mother Nature, in no uncertain terms, has highlighted the order of hierarchy, told us to pull our heads in, and sent us for some reflection in ‘time out’.

With the immediate and serious life changing consequences, tears, anxiety and uncertainty we are all experiencing right now, I believe there will be equal amounts of intuitive shifts in value systems, epiphanies, and life changing consciousness to follow.

Life for those not classified as ‘essential services’ has altered almost beyond recognition as we brace for home lockdown and business hibernation in the pursuit to flatten the curve. In this time, I believe and hope that there will be a new appreciation for the freedoms we have come to take for granted, and an acknowledgment of the need for, and joy derived from, human contact.

Interesting isn’t it, in an age of extreme globalisation and technology that we are forced to stop trade, become self-sufficient again as a nation, go back to basics, help and lean on one another, and value health, safety and life? The hand brake has just been pulled. The earth is breathing again. It’s not all bad.

And, there is plenty for us to do. ‘I’m bored’, a phrase never allowed at our home, will still never be allowed.

This could be the time for the most beautiful re-invention of your entire life. There have been some similarities drawn to war time, though our enemy is invisible, we need to find our strengths. Queen Elizabeth 2 did in WW2 when she became a truck mechanic. There are ways we can make a difference.

This Anzac Day there will be no mass gatherings. There is a movement afoot to go to the edge of your own driveway at dawn in remembrance. Lest we forget.

Please keep positive. Reach out if you need help. Give if you can, and remember, “We’ll meet again. Don’t know where, don’t know when. But I know we’ll meet again some sunny day”.

We’ll Meet Again (On Repeat)