Flight path shortcuts should stop: Evans

By Mike O’Connor

Federal member for Brisbane Trevor Evans has accused the Civil Aviation Safety Authority of making unannounced changes to the rules governing flights over New Farm-Teneriffe-Newstead and Airservices Australia of allowing pilots take shortcuts over these suburbs instead of following the approved flight paths following the opening of the second runway.

In a letter to CASA co-signed by Central Ward Councillor Vicki Howard, Mr Evans said it had lowered the wind tolerance from 10 knots to five knots which had the effect of decreasing the number of aircraft flying over Moreton Bay and increasing the number flying over the suburbs.

He said 10 knots had been the wind speed tolerance for many years at Brisbane Airport, that there was zero history of incidents at the airport involving 10 knot tailwinds, that 10 knots was the tolerance at many other airports and that Brisbane Airport Corporation and Qantas both backed a 10 knot tolerance.

Mr Evans has asked CASA to reinstate the 10 knot tolerance.

In a letter to Airservices Australia, Mr Evans said he understood it had been allowing the pilots of turboprop aircraft to divert from the approved flight paths and take shortcuts across New Farm, Newstead and Teneriffe.

He said any approach that allowed divergence from these flight paths was contrary to the terms and spirit of the Environmental Impact Study that underpinned the operation of the new second runway.

Mr Evans asked Airservices to take a strong and consistent approach to the paths taken by approaching turboprop aircraft.