Dance like no one is watching

By Steph Maker

Hollee Hibberson doesn’t want the music to stop.

She’s the name behind a new platform — QUIVR —that aims to help up and coming DJs share their sets with the world, especially now, while heading out for a night on the town is out the question.

Her new community-funded, live streaming studio started in January, and after the pandemic hit, Hollee pitched her services to the scene.

“I pulled together the top DJs and venue owners of Brisbane on a Zoom chat and asked the question ‘how can QUIVR help?’”

QUIVR is a bootstrapped venture, and Hollee said it’s “a labour of love.”

With the view to keep the tunes coming during and after the Corona crisis, QUIVR is hosting a long-weekend long fundraising stream coupled with a GoFundMe campaign.

Inside will show off what Holly said will be some of the best sounds Brisbane has to offer, and that “$10,000 would be a great start” for their fundraising efforts.

The idea for QUIVR sprouted when Hollee stumbled across a platform in New York, where artists’ work in cool spaces and their performance is broadcast live via the web.

“The idea is that it’s consistent – you can open it and someone will be there, you can listen to new music, someone you maybe haven’t heard of, or maybe a mate doing a stream,” said Hollee.

“There’s so much good talent in Brissy, and since Covid happened, QUIVR has really ramped up with the amount of people who know about it, and who are using it as their only outlet to work on their own content, and their own brand as a DJ.”

“It’s been a really great mental health space for a lot of artists and DJs in the area.”

Tune in 10am – 10pm on Saturday the 2nd and Sunday the 3rd of May at to listen to Inside.

a small selection of QUIVR Artists

Austin Louis


Jimmy Ellis