A chance to refresh

Jocelyn Ridgway

By Jocelyn Ridgway: Little Bowerbird Interiors

Maybe, right now, you’re in your home office and watching the clock tick slowly by? Perhaps you’re about to scour the internet for another page of colouring in to print out? The thought of spending (quite a lot of) time at home can definitely be anxiety-inducing. In difficult times, the great indoors can be lonely and isolating – and, let’s face it, plotting how to keep the kids entertained (and educated!) for weeks on end is a huge, scary task!

Instead of ruminating on the downsides, perhaps it’s better to change your mindset and look at the situation as an opportunity to refresh your living spaces? Here are a few DYI ideas for you that can make a radical change with not much effort, just a little preparation, along with buying your loo rolls!

Bring it in.

The first thing I do with interior design clients is to look at their spaces as well as any existing furniture they’re wanting to keep. Is there a better layout that works? The first mistake people make is to push all their furniture up against the walls. Where you can, bring it in. Try putting a sofa in the middle of an open plan room to divide the dining from living space and armchairs facing the sofa, not the TV. Have a play and see what flow works better for you.

Go Kondo on the cupboards.

De-clutter those kitchen and bathroom cupboards. We all know how good it feels to throw out that Tupperware from the 1970s that’s no longer getting any use! Plus, it will keep things sanitary and clean, which is so important right now.

Pot up.

Repot your indoor plants or add some to your home. Indoor plants have never been more popular or easier to look after, and that’s coming from a classic indoor plant killer! Studies show indoor plants clean the air, reduce stress and anxiety, and increase productivity — perfect if you’re now working from home.

Try some fresh hues.

Add some colour to your home. Too many people fear colour, yet colour has a significant impact on our health and mental wellbeing. You could make some abstract art with the kids and find a fresh space to hang it, paint some pots for a new herb garden, or choose some new cushions for your living room or bed.

Paint a feature.

Lastly, if you have the time, how about painting a feature wall? Bang for buck nothing changes an interior more than fresh paint. Pick something that compliments your style of home and furniture and stick with just one colour. The days of different colours in every room is over. Grab a few sample pots and test them with the light at different times of the day. A small change can make a huge difference.

A 'before' picture of an interior design project - a sparsely decorated room .